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Movement toward lowest cost jurisdictions located in free trade zones for ease of import/exports.


Utilizing top genetics to maximize CBD and THC yields and cannabinoid profile diversification.


Partnerships are based on the marketing of high quality extracts and derivatives in jurisdictions around the world.

Highly Specialized Services




Stabilize, Optimize & Commercialize.


Formulations Delivery Mechanisms


Clinical Trials, Patents & DINs


Labelling, Packaging & Export.


Blockchain-Multi-Currency & Crypro Payment Plattform

Vertical Integration



Newcanna has 5 part (or subsidiaries) that work to cover the entire value chain, and individually are made up of global leaders in their field, all of these are managed by NCM (Newcanna Management).

This is the parent company that oversees the management and operation of all of the Newcanna subsidiaries and is a major shareholder in each of the Newcanna´s entities.

This is our cultivation company and represents the licensed producer arm of Newcanna. We currently hold licenses for Cultivation of both psicoactive and non-psicoactive cannabis, R&D, transformation and export. As well as Certified Seed Producer and Micro-propagation License.

This is our research and development arm. We have a 32,000 square foot lab on the San Nicolas Free Trade Zone in Caloto Cauca. NCG has the industry’s best team of scientists and plant geneticists. We have also secured the rights to exclusively sell analytics lab services for work within the cannabis industry.

Our nursery division will replicate the work being done in Holland at Perfect Plants  to produce genetically perfect pre-flowering cannabis plants. We will be building a 45,000 square foot lab and tissue culture facility on the Free Trade Zone (using the genetics from NCG). We will produce 1.5M plants per month from this facility and sell back to the industry, including to other LPs.

Our retail division is where we will sell Newcanna cannabis products in store in addition to offering other high-quality cannabis products from LPs and certified laboratories around the world.

Scientific advancement

There are over 100 compounds in Cannabis that effect the body’s endocannabinoids system such as CBN, CBC, THCV, THCA as well as Terpenes.

Newcanna is focused on:

• Isolating, and advancing new compounds from NewCanna’s evolving breeding stock. 

• Analyzing existing high quality data on the effects of various custom cannabinoid combinations on patients over long durations. Developing formulations, clinical trials and obtaining FDA approvals and DIN’s.

Clinical Trial Focus:

• Anxiety, PTSD & Depression. Mood disorders affect more than 25% of the world’s population with health care costs exceeding $2.5 trillion per year in the US alone.

• Chronic Pain & Arthritis. 

• Concussions & Neurological Disorders. 

• Cancers.

Hub Entities

We work hand in hand with the best companies in the cannabis industry.

Participate in our streaming opportunities.

Be part of an expanding business opportunity.

Hectare plots available in a free trade zone

Cannabis plants per hectare

Kg of dried manicured cannabis

Liters of derived oil per hectare

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