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Newcanna HUB

Contract Cultivation Services

Highly economical custom growing services on your own land attached to the NewCanna HUB FTZ.

Select the appropriate size parcel for your required yields.

Select the appropriate genetic(s) that will maximize the yields of the required Cannabinoid(s) needed for your API’s or formulations.

Product Package Design & Branding

Graphic design and artist services.

Regulatory compliant labeling and packaging. 

Contract Manufacturing

Specializing in beverages, bottling, capsule and tablet manufacturing.

Other capabilities include creams, salves, balms, ointments, roll-ons, patches, pads, bandages, lozenges, sublingual film, tinctures and spritzers.

Custom Formulations

Using innovative and cutting edge patented processes and technologies.

IP spans from nanotechnology, water soluble Cannabinoids, time release technologies to bioavailability IP and more.

Warehousing, Shipping & Logistic Services

Value added such as repacking.


Storage, split pack shipping, Licensed and Bonded Ocean Freight, FCL, LCL, Ex-Worx, Door to Door or Port to Port Services, and Air Freight.

Regulatory Compliance

Product Analytics and Test Results.

Certificates for GAP, GPP, CEE, EU GMP 

Import and/or Export Permits.

Streaming Opportunities

Initial investment per hectare per cultivation cycle $500,000 USD
  • Lease space inside Free Trade Zone in Caloto Cauca.
  • 1 Hectare (2.54 Acres) plots available, 6400 Cannabis plants per hectare in Open-Air greenhouses.
  • Approx 2100kg of dried manicured cannabis per hectare.
  • Approx 291 liters of derived oil per hectare (Ethanol Extraction)
  • All derivatives pre-sold as required by government in order to get international quotas.
  • Low production cost.