Cl. 100 # 8A-55 WTC Of. 508 C Tower - Bogotá, Colombia.

Who we are

Newcanna HUB

Multidisciplinary cannabis center

The NEWCANNA HUB is comprised of a collaborative group of renowned and award winning multi-disciplinary industry professionals who together are leading the way in Genetic R&D, Clinical Trials, Product Development and Manufacturing.

By providing solutions and support needed by our global partners, we’ve become an integral part of many best-in-class complementary businesses and are now active in the countries of Colombia, Jamaica, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Africa, and Canada. In a blooming industry still in its budding stages, our focus remains fixed on NEWCANNA’s commercial future with the ultimate goals being global expansion through collaboration, gaining market share and ensuring longevity. 

Genetics team led by world renowned breeders.

Collected strains globally, and collaborated on multiple breeding programs.

Constantly breeding new hybrids for their non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Award winning strains, IP and formulations.

Genome sequencing and DNA markers.

Patent programs for selected strains and products.

Phytosanitzation and export license for seeds and clones.

Colombia Operations

23 Hectares located in a Agro-Industrial Free Trade Zone specifically for Cannabis. 32,000 Square feet EU GMP facility surrounded by 1,100 Hectares of premium land for Cannabis cultivation.

Testing and Analytics, R&D Laboratory, Micro Propagation Center, Tissue Culture, Cloning, Nursery, Extraction Laboratory, Product Manufacturing, Packaging & Labelling, Shipping & Transport, Training & Education.

Global Footprint

28 countries around the world in the five continents.

Free Trade Zone

Caloto Cauca, Colombia.


At Newcanna Hub we are concerned about the impact generated.


•  Caucannabis VIDA – ONG

• CultivationTraining programs.

• Family education programs around horticulture and organic growing.

• Preservation of Indigenous rights and historical family values.

• Awareness of how the peace treaty will affect them and most importantly the benefits they will experience.

• Education on plant based medicine advancement, 21st Century Technologies and the successful integration of non-cannabis plant medicine into cannabis based formulations.


• Implementation of  Waste to Energy (W2E) gasification system.

• Renewable energy in the Free Trade Zone complex.

• Remediation of 36,000 Hectares of Indigenous land “soil”.

• 100% Organic Cultivation Practices.